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Welcome to the CCUS (Critical Care & Ultrasound) Institute's new platform!

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Here you will find various meducational resources and opportunities brought to you by the CCUS Institute collaborative. Originally spearheaded by surgeon Dr. Yves Tremblay and internist Dr. Philippe Rola a decade ago in an effort to spread the word about a new way to practice clinical medicine integrating POCUS (long before that acronym was used), it has since morphed into a physician collaborative whose goal is to promote education and knowledge about cutting edge medical care of the acutely ill and injured patient.

Who are we? Just a bunch of front-line clinicians from different backgrounds and specialties who share the same passion. Currently we have original founder Dr. Philippe Rola (@ThinkingCC), anaesthetist-intensivist Dr. Edgar Hockmann, ED-intensivist Dr. Philippe St-Arnaud, hospitalist Dr. Carol Zambrana, all of which are involved in the development of educational programmes, mini-fellowships, on top of their clinical work.

Of course we have longstanding affiliations and cooperation with a great many esteemed colleagues, both #FOAMed and not, including THE Godfather of POCUS, Dr. Daniel Lichtenstein, today's leader in cutting-edge POCUS and all things critical care, Dr. Andre Denault, the awesome WINFOCUS organization (shout out to Luca Neri and Gabriele Via), the EmCRIT Crew (Rory (@EMnerd), Josh (@PulmCrit), Scott Weingart), the PulmCCM gang, Jon-Emile Kenny (@heart_lung), physiology Jedi Master, the LITFL Crew, Segun (@iceman_ex), and many more. It is because of the uniqueness and camaraderie of all these individuals that we find the constant interest and motivation to push the boundaries.

So keep an eye here for educational events and material!

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